Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy, VIII

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Studii de istorie a filosofiei româneşti
[Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy]
Volume VIII, Mircea Vulcănescu
editors: Viorel Cernica and Mona Mamulea
Bucharest, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2012, 376 p.
ISSN: 2065-4405
ISBN 978-973-27-2236-7



  • Alexandru Surdu, Mircea Vulcănescu and the Romanian philosophical speech 
  • Dragoş Popescu, Considerations  on  the  place  of  Mircea  Vulcănescu  within  the Romanian philosophy  
  • Marin Diaconu, Mircea Vulcănescu: ethical view and moral attitude
  • Roberto Merlo, Micea Vulcănescu’s „temptation” or looking for ourselves between selfness and otherness pdf2.pngdownload
  • Ion Dur, Generation and ‘spirit of time’   
  • Mihai Popa, The  ‘historical’  dimension  of  the  Romanian  existence  in  Mircea Vulcănescu, Gh. I. Brătianu, and Vasile Băncilă   
  • Ioana Repciuc, Mircea Vulcănescu: a philosophy of folk religiosity  
  • Remus Breazu, A reconstruction of Vulcănescu’s ontology  
  • Cornel-Florin Moraru, Notes for the reconstruction of the ‘metaphysical’ concept of logos in Mircea Vulcănescu   
  • Ioan  Drăgoi, Methodical  aspect  and  the  ‘portrait’  of  happening  in  the  Romanian thinking of Being. Hermeneutical exploration pdf2.pngDownload
  • Bogdan Rusu, Philosophy as descriptive metaphysics  
  • Lucian-Ştefan Dumitrescu, Mircea Vulcănescu and the sociology of
  • modernity
  • Silvia Giurgiu, Analytics and dialectic of sovereignty in Mircea Vulcănescu
  • Ionuţ Butoi, Mircea Vulcănescu and the Romanian interwar village  
  • Romina Surugiu, The age of precariousness and dailiness. Mircea Vulcănescu on press and journalists  
  • Mona Mamulea, ‘What  if?’  Mythology  as  a  ‘background  theory’  for  thought experiment   pdf2.pngdownload
  • Viorel Cernica, The phenomenal building of the theory of existence  pdf2.pngdownload
  • ‘He looked history straight in the eyes’. Interview with Constantin Vişinescu on Mircea Vulcănescu and his age (Doina Rizea)  
  • Mircea Vulcănescu: a bibliography of exegesis ( Titus Lates)   
  • Liviu Bordaş, ‘Always a beacon light in a nihilistic world’. Mircea Eliade and Ioan Petru Culianu – documentary contributions    pdf2.pngdownload

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