Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy, II



Studii de istorie a filosofiei româneşti

[Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy]
Volume II
editors: Viorel Cernica, Mona Mamulea
Bucharest, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2007, 600 p.
ISBN: 973-27-1354-2 


I. Studies
  • Ion Pogorilovschi, An introduction to the Zamolxian sapientia pdf2.pngdownload
  • Vasile Avram, On the difficulty of building a "founding thinking” in the Carpathian space
  • Corina Matei, A hermeneutic essay on the Romanian folk symbolism 
  • Grigore Smeu, Elements of an aesthetic meditation in Cantemir's philosophy 
  • Marin Aiftincă, Alexandru Hasdeu: the philosophical outlook 
  • Constantin Schifirneţ, An explanatory model of the evolution of the Romanian modern society
  • Alexandru Boboc, Titu Maiorescu and the classical German philosophy 
  • Mona Mamulea, Titu Maiorescu: from the „conceptual relation” to the „cultural relation”  pdf2.pngdownload
  • Teodor Dima, The postponing: a Romanian version of the Cartesian doubt pdf2.pngdownload
  • Angela Botez, Integrative concepts in Blaga's philosophy 
  • Valică Mihuleac, The idea of transfigured antinomies in contemporary thinking 
  • Laura Pană, Elements for a Romanian theory of ideal (C. Radulescu-Motru, P. Andrei, P.P. Negulescu)
  • Mihai Popa, A.D. Xenopol – historian and philosopher of history  pdf2.pngdownload
  • Alexandru Surdu, Intelect, speculation and ration in Nae Ionescu  pdf2.pngdownload
  • Viorel CernicaOn Mircea Vulcănescu's philosophy: a meontological interpretation   pdf2.pngdownload
  • Mircea Itu, Mircea Eliade and the phenomenology of the sacred 
  • Dragoş Popescu, The structure of the „becoming into being”  concept in Constantin Noica pdf2.pngdownload
  • Claudiu Baciu, The functionalist perspective of Noica's ontology  pdf2.pngdownload
  • Carmen Cozma, The ethical in Petre Botezatu's work 
  • Cristinel Ungureanu, System and anti-Hegelianism in I.P. Culianu 
  • Georgeta Marghescu, Outlines of an ecophilosophy in the Romanian culture 
II. Attitudes
  • Ioan Costea, The Romanian problematic and the image of Europe in Emil Cioran and Constantin Noica 
  • Mădălina Dobrescu, Culture and politics. Eliade, Noica, Cioran 
  • Ana Bazac, Ion Petrovici and Tudor Vianu: The value of man and his classical ideal. The destiny of the concepts 
III. Philosophical profiles  
  • Miron Costin – the author of the first philosophical poem in the Romanian culture ( Mona Mamulea) pdf2.pngdownload
  • Historical method and the philosophy of history in Gheorghe I. Brătianu ( Titus Lates)    
  • Stefan Lupascu: philosopher of postanalytical origin (Angela Botez
  • Vasile Băncilă: between essay and epiphanic providentialism (Gheorghiţă Geană)   pdf2.pngdownload
  • Dumitru Isac in the Romanian circumstances of the post-war philosophy (Teodor Dimapdf2.pngdownload
  • Marin Ştefănescu: an instance of "Christian philosophy" ( Viorel Cernicapdf2.pngdownload
  • Alexandru Bogza and the building of the "critical pancalism" ( Sergiu Bălanpdf2.pngdownload
  • Mircea Florian: the man, his work and ideas (Marian Panait)  
  • Fanu Duţulescu: the author of the first Romanian philosophical dictionary (Marin Diaconupdf2.pngdownload
  • Nicolae Balca – exercises in history of philosophy (Ion Itupdf2.pngdownload
  • G. Călinescu: between aesthetics and critique (Ana Tăbăraşi
  • A possible dialogue between theology and phiilosophy: Ioan G. Coman (Ionel Popa)     
  • Zevedei Barbu – dialectics and existentialism (Romulus Chiriţă
IV. Restitutions: Traian Brăileanu  
  • Traian Brăileanu – a philosophical and biobibliographical profile (Rodica Croitoru)  
  • Ethics and its interdisciplinary relations in Traian Brăileanu (Constantin Stroe
  • Traian Brăileanu, Sociology and philosophy of history. Course delivered by Professor Traian Brăileanu [at the University of Cernauti, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters], Printed after the lecture notes of his students Al. Isăceanu and S. Nicorovici (1929–30)  pdf2.pngdownload
Romanian philosophical bibliography (by Titus Latespdf2.pngdownload