Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy, III


Studii de istorie a filosofiei româneşti

[Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy]
Volume III
editors: Viorel Cernica, Mona Mamulea
Bucharest, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2008, 170 p.
ISBN: 973-27-1354-2


Argument 7

I. Studies
  • Constantin Aslam, The programme of cultural studies in Constantin Rădulescu-Motru 
  • Mona Mamulea, Methodological paradigms in the history of Romanian philosophy  pdf2.pngdownload
  • Viorel Cernica, Methodological notes on the history of Romanian philosophy  pdf2.pngdownload
  • Constantin Schifirneţ, Ion Petrovici on the Romanian philosophy  
II. Attitudes
  • Titus Lates, The history of Romanian philosophy: a controversial concept  
  • Marin Diaconu, Emil Cioran and Constantin Noica  
  • Marius Dobre, Past, present and future in the Romanian philosophy. A pessimistic view  
  • Mircea Itu, Philosophy of life  
III. Interpretations
  • Ion Pogorilovschi, The silence of the "Table of silence": annotations on the work of an artist-philosopher  
  • Grigore Smeu, Recessivity and pluralism  
  • Ştefan Munteanu, Lucian Blaga and the metaphysical view on knowledge  
  • Mihai Popa, The individual as a prisoner of history