Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy, VII (Supplement)


Studii de istorie a filosofiei româneşti

[Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy]
Volume VII (Supplement: The National Symposium "Constantin Noica", 2nd edition, „The simple pleasures”, Arad, September 9–10 , 2010)
editors: Alexandru Surdu, Viorel Cernica, Mona Mamulea, Doru Sinaci
Bucharest, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2011, 194 p.
ISSN: 2065-44-05


  • The National Symposium "Constantin Noica", 2nd edition, „The simple pleasures” (presented by Doru Sinaci)  
  • Alexandru Surdu, The simple pleasures and the seven sins  
  • Teodor Dima, The empathy – an integrative method of interpretation in the logic of Hermes  
  • Marin Aiftincă, Noica on being  
  • Viorel Cernica, Hermeneutical methods of Noica  
  • Marin Diaconu, Constantin Noica as a publicist.Some few guidemarks  pdf2.pngDownload
  • Mihai D. Vasile, On virtues and sin.With Sergiu Al-George and Constantin Noica  
  • Ioan Biriş, Constantin Noica and the mathematical method  
  • Anton Adămuţ, Constantin Noica: on the impossible twofold ethical judgment  
  • Mircea Lăzărescu, Noica's ontology in the perspectives of science and of the contemporary attempts of rethinking ontology  
  • Florea Lucaci, The simple pleasures and the assuming of the hermeneutical thinking  
  • Maria Sinaci, Mathesis – a pleading for the simplification of life  
  • Mihai Popa, Time and creation in Constantin Noica  
  • Claudiu  Baciu,  The phenomenology of spirit in Noica's interpretation  
  • Mona Mamulea, The mythology of the indefinite place, the devil and the two cultural attitudes pdf2.pngDownload
  • Marius Dobre, Constantin Noica on Europe and communism towards Emil Cioran's challenge  
  • Dragoş Popescu, Philosophy of Descartes in Constantin Noica's interpretation  pdf2.pngDownload
  • Ştefan-Dominic Georgescu, The idea of the deduction of categories in Noica and Hegel  
  • Cătălin Bobb, Noica on „interpretation”, or the verb that sets the thinking in motion  
  • Şerban  N.  Nicolau,  Interrogativity as a ground of Aristotle's categories  
  • Cezar Roşu, Constantin Noica: The principles of logic and the laws of physics