Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy, VII

Studii de istorie a filosofiei româneşti
[Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy]
Volume VII
editors: Viorel Cernica, Mona Mamulea
Bucharest, Romanian Academy Publishing Housee, 2011, 244 p.
ISSN: 2065-44-05


I. Emil Cioran Centennial (1911–2011)
  • Viorel Cernica, On the hermeneutic meaning of the 
  • Conversations with Cioran pdf2.pngDownload
  • Constantin Stoenescu, Boredom as a metaphysical excess and the falling into aphorism 
  • Horia  Pătraşcu,  The metyphysical lyricism.Theory and the classification of emotions in On the Summits of Despair  
  • Mihai Popa, The "long time" and the delusion of history in Emil Cioran 
  • Marius Dobre, Emil Cioran on women and love  
  • Dragoş Popescu, Buddhist influences in Cioran's thinking: About the Inconvenience of Being Born  pdf2.pngDownload
  • Marin Diaconu, On Emil Cioran's correspondence  
  • Titus Lates, Emil Cioran: Early readings (1926–1947)  pdf2.pngDownload
  • Marius Dobre, Travel iimpressions. In Paris, after Cioran (July 2011)  
II. Titu Maiorescu: 170 Years from Birth (1840–1917)
  • Alexandru Surdu, The Metamorphosis of Maiorescu's Logic  pdf2.pngDownload
  • Constantin Aslam, The critic of Maiorescu's criticism in the interwar thinking 
  • Viorel Cernica, Methods of philosopihsing and cultural projects. Maiorescianism today pdf2.pngDownload
  • Gheorghiţă Geană, Claw of the lion, or gentleman's tailcoat? pdf2.pngDownload
  • Mona Mamulea,  The particular and the Universal, or the Maiorescu's school dilemmas. A few historical considerations  pdf2.pngDownload
III. Studies
  • Vasile  Muscă,  The triumph of Kantianism in the Gheorghe Lazăr's Romanian School of Saint Sava  
  • Mihai D. Vasile, Categorial reconstruction of metaphysics in Mircea Florian  
  • Mihail M. Ungheanu, Mystery and sacred in Lucian Blaga. A hermeneutic reading  
  • Cornel-Florin  Moraru,  Time, destiny and vocation:  a reconstruction of Constantin Rădulescu-Motru's view on destiny  
  • Vicenţiu Mirea, Creative or productive knowledgee in Lucian Blaga  
Romanian philosophical bibliography – 2010 (by Titus Latespdf2.pngDownload