Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy, IX

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Studiies on the History of Romanian Philosophy
, IX, The Understanding of Time and Space

Editors: Viorel Cernica, Mona Mamulea
Bucharest: Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2013, 396 p.

ISSN: 2065-4405


  • Teodor Dima, Petre Botezatu: Complementarity and heterogeneity between space and time pdf2.png Download
  • Marin Diaconu, Time and temporality in Cioran’s early writings pdf2.png Download
  • Constantin Aslam, Philosophia perennis versus ingenium perenne. Historicity of the Romanian philosophy pdf2.png Download
  • Dragoş Popescu, Time and eternity in Cantemir’s Sacrosanctae scientiae indepingibilis imago pdf2.png Download
  • Ionuţ Isac, The world of reality subjects: On Constantin Noica’s interpretation of Mihai Drăgănescu’s Ortophysics
  • Claudiu Baciu, Constantin Noica on Being and its time pdf2.png Download
  • Ion Dur, Cioran between falling in time and falling in temporality pdf2.png Download
  • Ştefan-Dominic Georgescu, Noica on the types of temporality
  • Horia Pătraşcu, Being, historicity and hegemony in Schimbarea la faţă a României
  • Victor Eugen Gelan, Time and temporality in Mihai Şora’s thought
  • Andrei Simionescu-Panait, The experience of spatiality in Alexandru Dragomir’s writings
  • Mihai Popa, Time and history at A.D. Xenopol and Vasile Pârvan
  • Ioan Drăgoi, The “quick” instant and the gift of music: A phenomenological approach
  • Cornel-Florin Moraru, Faith and place: A phenomenological reconstruction of Mircea Vulcănescu’s idea of destiny
  • Delia-Anamaria Răchişan, Farious and nefarious places within Romanian traditional mentality
  • Oana Chelaru, Space and time within Romanian fantastic folktale
  • Remus Breazu, Space and time as levels of the real
  • Alexandru Gabriel Buican, Reassessment of the concept of time in Nae Ionescu’s metaphysics
  • Elena Calistru, Petre Botezatu: Natural spatial-temporal logic
  • Viorel Cernica, Temporal reality and fictive being at I.D. Gherea pdf2.png Download
  • Time and space in Romanian thinking: a few guide marks (a bibliography by Titus Lates) pdf2.png Download
  • Alexandru Surdu, The philosophy of education at Spiru Haret
  • Liviu Bordaş, Ioan Petru Culianu, Mircea Eliade and felix culpa
  • The history of Romanian philosophy in 2012 (a bibliography by Titus Lates) pdf2.png Download
  • Retraction note
  • Abstracts
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