Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy, XII

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Studiies on the History of Romanian Philosophy
, XII: Theories and Categories of Knowledge

Editors: Alexandru Surdu, Mihai Popa, Mona Mamulea, Viorel Cernica, Titus Lates, Bucharest: Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2016, 264 p.

ISSN: 2065-4405

  • Alexandru Surdu, With Lucian Blaga, towards the vaults of the Romanian soul 11
  • Alexandru Boboc, “The descending transcendent”. An attempt to decipher a metaphor in the history of metaphysics  19
  • Teodor Dima, Notes on Nicolae Bagdasar’s study The Theory of Knowledge through the lens of some methodological paradigms 29
  • Viorel Cernica, The negativity of the judgment. Outline of an interpretation and two applications (Constantin Noica, Mircea Florian)  43 pdf2.png
  • Constantin Stoenescu, Ion Petrovici on Henri Poincaré, or the role of suppositions in scientific research  58
  • Mona Mamulea, Motru’s science of everything and his neutral monism 72
  • Mihai Popa, Daimonion as seen by Goethe and Blaga. Stilistic implications 85
  • Victor E. Gelan, Mapping the social world in the philosophy of Mihai Șora 96
  • Bogdan Rusu, Perception and knowledge in Eugeniu Sperantia 109
  • Mihai-Dragoș Vadana, Mircea Florian’s philosophy of given and the traditional metaphysical thinking 134
  • Cornel-Florin Moraru, The mystery as horizon of human existence and the luciferic knowledge. A phenomenological interpretation 148
  • Theories and categories of knowledge in the Romanian philosophy (a bibliography by Titus Lates) 161 pdf2.png
  • Dragoș Popescu, Iosipos Moesiodax – an 18th-century scholar and his view onknowledge 179 pdf2.png
  • Marin Diaconu, On Lucian Blaga, cum ira et studio 201
  • Liviu Bordaș, Yoga between the magical and the mystical. Hermeneutical reflection and religious experience in the first Eliade 212 pdf2.png
  • The history of Romanian philosophy in 2015 (a bibliography by Titus Lates) 261 pdf2.png
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